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iStock_000018547848 rsShakespeare’s Prospero said, ‘The past is prologue, a preamble to all our todays’.  So the future must be epilogue, created out of what we imagine we were and will become.

We all have a deep need to connect with other human beings, not just for now but for all time. Our imaginations allow us to understand the concept of time and that some part of our life can live on after we are gone. Our uniquely human ability to externalise our thoughts means that we can stop time.  Our creativity, our Art, is our ‘eternal present’.

Creativity is a natural and adaptive ability.  As flying is to birds, as swimming is to fish, as buzzing is to bees, so creating things is to humans being. Creativity is our nature. Creativity defines us as human – all of us, not just the ‘creative’ ones.

Art, in all its forms, reminds us, teaches us and inspires us to create our futures.  Art is prologue and epilogue.

Faye Sharpe

Faye SharpeFaye Sharpe is an archaeologist by qualification, a consultant by profession, a Canadian by birth and a Brit by habitation.

A prize-winning writer, Faye writes about creativity in all its guises.  She explores the arts and sciences to find creative leadership.

She is director of Maraposa Ltd.  She is a Dark Angel and a member of 26, an association and group for writers, editors and language consultants.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  She is a member of the Council for British Archaeology and the Royal Archaeological Institute.

 New for 2013!

Faye Sharpe

Abstractions is a little book of poetry, Faye’s response to creative constraints, exercises and challenges posed by the Arvon Foundation and Dark Angels writing courses. Each piece is matched to a fluid acrylic abstract by Canadian painter Joanna McFarland.



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